Are your ideas or projects getting the reaction you think they deserve? Is it your pitch (presentation) or your idea that’s problematic?

Perhaps, next time, you should pitch an already succesful product as though it was your own.

In the process, you may learn that:

  • You don’t pitch very well (or perhaps you do :).
  • Sometimes the pitch is the only thing that matters; the product is irrelevant.
  • Succesful products aren’t always attractive at the pitch level.
  • Success on paper is one thing, success in real life is another – completely different – thing.
  • You can present the same thing in many many many different ways…

Practice until you get the reaction you think you deserve. In the process, you might also find out how to separate format and content. Presenting is tricky like that…

Note: You obviously need to be be careful of what you pitch to whom.