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Étienne Garbugli – Entrepreneur & Author of Lean B2B
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Étienne Garbugli

My name is Étienne. I help entrepreneurs and innovators use customer insights to build and grow businesses.

I’m a three-time startup founder, a five-time entrepreneur, and a customer research expert.

I’m also the author of Solving Product, The SaaS Email Marketing Playbook, Find Your Market, and Lean B2B. Thousands of entrepreneurs and innovators around the world are using my books everyday.


“Étienne is a brilliant SaaS thought-leader, and he’s very eager and knowledgeable regarding tools and techniques to better understand end-customers and their motivations to engage with products. He’s been a tremendous contributor at LANDR.”

Pascal Pilon, LANDR Co-Founder & CEO


Étienne brings a very sophisticated and constantly evolving set of best practices to everything he does. He brings keen insight and is terrific at pulling out the real BI that matters from any kind of data he’s looking at. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire him on any project.

– Justin Evans, Co-Founder & CMO, LANDR

I had the chance to closely work with Etienne at LANDR. Etienne is a true builder. Complimented by his deep technical understanding and analytical mind, his knowledge spans across all facets of marketing and product. I would recommend him to any company wishing to build a solid foundation and increase its growth rate.

– Pavel Okulov, PurposeMed Director of New Verticals

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Etienne for a year at LANDR. He’s an effective speaker with strong leadership skills and has an exceptional ability to create value with insightful recommendations and action plans. He is someone who is willing and able to roll up his sleeves and get things done! I highly recommend him!

– Stephan Gradek, Gradco President

Étienne is a great mind, a person with a vision and the ability to achieve great results and truly make a difference. Étienne is one the persons in the web industry I admire and respect the most.

– Guillaume Demers, Enough Media, Recurring Revenue Officer & Founder

Etienne Garbugli is a methodical individual. His knowledge of Web trends, as well as his attentiveness and understanding of our needs have made him a valuable ally in the Order’s projects. Étienne headed our first iPhone application, and was also responsible for the reflection and analysis during the overhaul of the Order portal and of its subsequent usability testing.

– Bruno Dupuis, CRHA, Director of Communications and Digital Solutions