When you get to the age of 15, you start to really learn. When you turn 30, you start to really understand what you want. When you turn 40, you don’t hesitate over choices. When you turn 50, you can finally understand the meaning of life. When you turn 60, you can finally accept others advice. When you turn 70, you can finally understand who you are. – Confucius

The great thing about getting older is that it comes with greater self-awareness.

At a certain age, it stops making sense to do things you don’t like and starts making sense to do more of what is truly you. Weird or not.

You can fool yourself all you want trying to live someone else’s life but, ultimately, if you’re not being honest with yourself, it won’t suit you.

We’re bombarded with images of what could be from childhood on, de-programming that conditioning and separating what is us from what isn’t is the work of a lifetime. It’s also the path to greater truthfulness; the path you should be on.