• Go work abroad.
  • Find a job in Product Management.
  • Build a side project.
  • Put together 2 presentations.
  • Contribute to 2 blogs and tweet regularily.
  • Get more direct clients. Increase revenue.
  • Take control of my schedule.

These were my professional objectives for 2010.

Although I only managed to move abroad, get more direct clients and increase revenue, I really don’t feel like 2010 was wasted. What happened? Life got in the way, put things in perspective and reprioritized my objectives.

Maybe there’s a reason why I didn’t reach this or that objective…

Objectives are essential. Without them, we don’t get anywhere (The E-Myth). Plans, however, should be taken with a grain of salt.

There’s countless ways to reach any objective. Plan loosely enough to adapt and don’t get frustrated; life has a tendency to get in the way.

What are your objectives for 2011?