The secret to getting people to try your product, come to your show or read your blog is:

  1. Write an Email explaining what you’re doing
  2. Tell people what you want them to do
  3. Send it to all your friends and family
  4. Ask your partners to do the same

Chances are, 30-70% of people will try your product. But, even if 70% of your network tries your product, I’m sure that this isn’t the audience you had in mind…

You’ll probably get a lot of feedback (and this is valuable) but, unless your product picks up virally (don’t count on it) you’ll quickly realize that this isn’t sustainable success. Your product isn’t for everyone…

The real problem with friends & family is that it’s a false measure of success; it blurs your metrics.

Skip this milestone. Go straight to validating your offer with the unknowns. Only them will tell you how good or bad your product really is.