Champions don’t become champions in the ring… they are merely recognized there (John C. Maxwell).

This past year, I worked for an Agile software development company. Agile was something I wanted to learn; I needed to understand how agile projects nearly always launched.

As much as I learned working in an agile company, it’s the concepts behind that really struck me.

Agile is about splitting goals into short incremental sprints (eg. 1 to 4 weeks). After every sprint, we revise and adjust based on whether what we have brings us closer to our goal.

In life, most of what we aim for is either too big or requires too long of a commitment. To reach our goals, we need to break them into reasonable chunks.

If you start aiming to learn or do just one thing that moves you towards your goal (or that invalidates your path) every week, your chance to reach your objective will greatly increase. Focus on small improvements, don’t look too far ahead.