Ever had this happen to you?

  • Working as a team, you have a disagreement with a colleague.
  • It’s settled but following disagreements seem to be getting worst and worst.
  • Things build up and you no longer feel like talking to the other person.
  • It feels wrong, distance is created.
  • At this point, you have a choice to make (A or B):

  • Discussions keep heating up.
  • You start disliking the other person.
  • Eventually, one of the two needs to leave.



  • You pick up the phone.
  • Go for a walk, meet up or have lunch with the other person.
  • You talk openly.

I’ve been through both paths; people rarely have bad intentions.

In group settings, we try to protect our image (ego). One on one, we open up and are more willing to share what’s really on our minds. Talking is the only way to get the pulse of the relationship.