Last Fall, I sold most of my things and left to find work in Hong Kong.

On my second night – after overcoming the jet lag – I decided to go out for a drink (alone). Through random discussions with American passerbys, I met a guy named Andy who worked in IT. From what I understood (he was drunk), he knew a guy who knew a guy who was a headhunter and could get me his email.

Not expecting much out of it, I shot the headhunter (Brian) an email before completely forgetting about it… a month went by without news until Brian rang me up. We met, had a coffee; 2 weeks later I had a great job in Beijing.

Opportunities are rarely where you’d expect them to be yet, they’re almost everywhere… You can find great business ideas listening to other products’ customers or while reading the newspaper (others have).

The better you are at listening and seeing the opportunities, the better your business sense will become. Learn to turn your antennas on.