Doing work is the best way to get working… Quick tasks on your To Do list help you get started and avoid procrastination… But, if you just get to work, you run the risk of doing things that don’t matter (like cleaning your desk…).

In search of productivity, it’s important not to confuse being busy with being productive because, being very efficient at something unimportant is not productivity. For example:

… say you’re very good at climbing up a tall ladder, and can reach the top of it very quickly and with little effort. Will that skill help you if the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall?
Even if you’re slower at climbing it but the ladder is against the right wall, you’ll eventually get to where you want to be. (Dr. Mani)

It’s more important to be doing the right things than doing whatever you’re doing more efficiently. Make sure everything you do brings you closer to your objective. But, for that to work, you need to know what your objective is… do you?