It wasn’t always easy but, somehow, I managed to pull together a full year of blog posts. I may have skipped a week or two (vacations and stuff) but, overall I’m satisfied with the quality and variety of content that was published.

It’s nearly impossible for me to pick the best posts so, I’ll let page views, number of visitors, social media, etc, etc do the dirty work for me. Without further due, here are last year’s 10 most popular posts:

  • Don’t ask for permission
  • Always be the CEO
  • Realize there’s no one else
  • Your time isn’t free
  • Don’t fall in love too quickly
  • The art of “giving” face
  • Break artificial distances
  • The hardest thing to do
  • Don’t do what Real did
  • Everything can end

I hope you enjoyed the content; feel free to let us know below which were your favorites.

The objective for year 2 is to double the number of visitors, fans, posts read, etc, etc. If you haven’t already done so, signup to receive updates via email or rss, join our Facebook page and share the content with your friends.

Let’s go for a second year!

Note: Posts were ordered randomly by hand.