Enters guy A. He’s had a business before. He’s been through it before.

One of the things he had learned is that, in business, you don’t want to create a product if it doesn’t solve a real world problem.

Excited about starting his new venture, he sets up doing research with prospective clients from day 1 (something he’s good at).

Guy A starts with an hypothesis, meets clients, gathers feedback, adapts the product and then cycles through the whole thing again. It’s the right process but, 6 months in, he realizes that what he knew best played the worst trick on him.

What he falsely assumed to be a blank starting point was actually a problem he had made up.

Guy B, on the other hand, didn’t have any previous experience. He was humble enough to learn. 6 months in, he’s ahead of the more experienced guy A.

The things we think we know are the things that are most likely to make us arrogant. Intellectual certainty is a risk. Stay humble to keep on learning and growing.