I had a friend who was good at everything. Work, sports, school, arts, relationships, mechanics, etc. He had the potential to do anything he wanted in life and, it had always been like that for him.

But, in spite of so much potential, he was never able to decide what to do; everything was wide open. So, instead of doing everything, he ended doing close to nothing.

Potential for him was a curse. Everything had always been easy; he had never learned to struggle and work hard to succeed.

When he did push further, expectations for him were through the roof; no matter how well he did, he was always underachieving.

His story taught me that, being able to do something and actually doing it is really not the same thing. Many people talk a lot more than they act. But, potential won’t pay the bills… nor will any ideas or projects that never come to fruition.

Photo Credit: Hillary Manuel