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Dress “just enough”

By Étienne Garbugli | July 14, 2011 | 2 Comment

Should you…

  1. Dress for sucess?
  2. Dress to fit in and make people loosen up?
  3. Merely make sure that you don’t underdress to avoid making people feel like you take them for granted?

The answer: It really depends.

It depends on the work culture, the expectations, the age group and the individual habits of the people you work with.

Because the way you dress can set the tone and have an impact on the company culture, it’s sometimes best to dress loosely…

However, there’s also times when it’s best to dress at least as well as the people you work with…

If you’re not sure which time it is, overdress. It’s easier to loosen up than to overdress once people have seen you in your jeans and $5 shoes…


Étienne Garbugli

Etienne works at the intersection of Technology, Product Design and Marketing. He’s a three-time Startup Founder, a five-time entrepreneur, and a UX research expert. Etienne is also the Author of Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want. Lean B2B is a framework used by thousands of entrepreneurs & innovators to reduce the risk of their B2B ventures.


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