When you run a business, cold calls come from anywhere. Developers, copywriters and outsourcing companies all want to be your friends.

If I didn’t receive 50 cold calls last year, I didn’t receive any. 49 failed, 1 succeeded. Why?

A: I felt I could learn something about sales. I did… I also became their client…

I really didn’t need another financial advisor. They offered the same services I already had but, unlike my previous advisor, packaged them in exclusivity.

We’re not for everyone. We’re only for special clients who understand the importance of quality long term relationships (Jérôme Daoust).

Exclusivity is the sign of a great customer experience. I had to be part of their group…

Turn your client list into an exclusive club. Be explicit about the rules of the game. Say « No ». State out loud what it takes to work with you.