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Avoid product design silos

By Étienne Garbugli | October 14, 2010 | 0 Comment

Even with the best intentions in the world, your resources can’t work on all your projects.

Vision – even when properly communicated – won’t save the day. There will always be inconsistencies within your brand, your products and your various customer touch points.

It’s unfortunate but there’s things you can do to help.

Realize that people don’t need more software or more solutions; they need better product integration. Avoid product design silos. One project does not mean one product. One team does not mean one software. Your internal team dynamics should not be defining your product packaging.


Étienne Garbugli

Etienne works at the intersection of Technology, Product Design and Marketing. He’s a three-time Startup Founder, a five-time entrepreneur, and a UX research expert. Etienne is also the Author of Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want. Lean B2B is a framework used by thousands of entrepreneurs & innovators to reduce the risk of their B2B ventures.


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