Before jumping in and starting my first company, I was annoying my contacts trying to read everything I could on entrepreneurship.

It felt like, the more I would know, the more control I would have over the outcome of starting up.

I read and read until, one day, I was told that there was nothing else to read; it was time for me to start up…

Since, I’ve been privileged, as a user experience (UX) consultant, to work with many smart people and help them think through and plan amazing products and business models… on paper.

Problem is though that, in the end, we’re judged by what goes to market, not what we can dream of.

Business plans, timelines, wireframes and sketches are not an end to themselves. Planning only gives us the impression of control. No business or product plan survives development… or first customer contact.

Don’t plan too much, let go of control.