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Don’t Think Like an Employee

By Étienne Garbugli | August 23, 2010 | 2 Comment

One, if not the most, important obstacles to your business’ growth is your employee reflexes. You need to think like an Entrepreneur if you want to be one. Schooling, previous work experiences and life in general prepares us to work for other people. Chances are, you’re thinking like an employee if you are:

  • Thinking that more work hours equals more results.
  • Not asking for market value for your work, time and expertise.
  • Not separating your business and personal lives.
  • Not thinking in terms of profitability. Cost is enough.
  • Not taking the time to optimize your business.
  • Not aware of what to optimize on.

These are all traps. Avoid them to become a real entrepreneur. You need to build a business that works without you. Go to work ON your business and not IN your business (source: The E-Myth).


Étienne Garbugli

Etienne works at the intersection of Technology, Product Design and Marketing. He’s a three-time Startup Founder, a five-time entrepreneur, and a UX research expert. Etienne is also the Author of Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want. Lean B2B is a framework used by thousands of entrepreneurs & innovators to reduce the risk of their B2B ventures.


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