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Close in on your passions

By Étienne Garbugli | November 24, 2011 | 0 Comment

What can you talk about for hours? What could you see yourself doing if you were filthy rich? What are you passionate about?

What do you do for work? Is it related to one of your passions?

No? Why not? How could you make your day job a little more like the things you’re passionate about?

Some passions are best left as hobbies but, life’s also too short to be working on things that don’t excite you.

If you’re passionate about planes, it doesn’t mean you have to be a pilot. If you’re passionate about music, it doesn’t mean you have to be a musician. There’s plenty of opportunities to work around what passionates you. Think about the ecosystem around your passion; how can you break in? How can you close in on your passions?


Étienne Garbugli

Etienne works at the intersection of Technology, Product Design and Marketing. He’s a two-time Startup Founder, a four-time entrepreneur and a UX research expert. Etienne published Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want. The Lean B2B methodology helps entrepreneurs around the world build successful businesses.


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